Tutorial #2 - Setting Up Your Essential Business Data

Setting Up Your Essential Business Data – Client Categories, custom Client Data Fields (a.k.a. Key Info), Service Locations, Service Descriptions and Pricing

Now that you added your Business Info, you’re ready to start adding the essential business data that will allow you to better organize your clients and provide them with a higher level of service. This “essential business data” includes your Client Categories, Key Client Info fields, primary Service Locations and Service Descriptions with pricing.  Remember, your data is securely stored in Apple iCloud folder – no one has access to it but YOU!



#1. Client Categories:

You probably have many different types of clients in your business. Perhaps you’re a Personal Trainer.  You may have body building, weight loss, rehab, cardio or general fitness clients. If you’re an Academic Tutor, you may work with clients for Math, Reading or ACT/SAT Prep clients.  A-ListPro lets you create an unlimited number of Client Categories and then assign them to each Client as needed.    

To begin, tap the “. . .”  button on the right side of the navigation bar to go to the More menu.  From the More menu, tap the “System Info” cell under Settings & Support, then tap the second cell labeled “Client Categories”.  Select the industry that you’d like to associate these Client Categories with and tap the “Add New Category” button to add a new Client Category description. To edit or delete an existing Client Category description, tap on or left swipe the Client Category description. When you’ve added a Client Category for every type of client you serve, you’ll be able to assign Clients to their proper Categories in the Client Profile.  Hit the 'Back' button in the upper left hand corner of the screen when you're finished.  

#2. Client "Key Info" Data Fields:

Every business is different but I’ll bet there’s important information about your clients that is extremely helpful, possibly even critical, for you to have at your fingertips as you schedule or provide service.  A-ListPro gives you the ability to define and track up to 5 custom data fields and 1 Notes field and always have it accessible from the Client Profile on “Key Info” screen.

For example, if you’re a Pet Care specialist, your “Client” is the pet owner.  They are who you’ll schedule services with and they are who will pay you!  However, in order to provide the best possible service, you’ll need to track the pet name, breed, gender, weight, temperament along with a note describing the pet’s favorite activity, favorite toy, favorite snack, garage code, etc.  Fortunately, A-ListPro let you track all of this and more. 

To add the custom “Key Info” data fields, tap the “. . .” button to go to the More menu. From the More menu, tap the “System Info” cell under Settings & Support, then tap the third cell labeled “Key Info Field Labels”.  Next, select the industry that you’d like to associate with these custom “Key Info” fields. To edit any of the Key Info field labels, simply tap in the cell and edit. When you’re satisfied with the Key Info field labels, hit the “Done” upper right hand corner of the screen.  Once complete, you’ll be able to add fill in these data fields from the “Key Info” screen of the Client Profile.


 #3. Service Locations:

Some businesses operate out of one physical location, others out of two or three or more.  In other businesses,  the service provider goes to the client and provices servcie in their home or office.  If you’re a private Yoga Instructor or an independent Hair Stylist and you run your business out of 3 separate studios or salons, your clients probably tend to use the Service Locations that are most convenient for them.  Adding your preferred Service Locations to A-ListPro simplifies scheduling and lets you track your Clients by their preferred Service Location.  

From the More menu, tap “System Info” under Settings & Support, then tap the forth cell labeled “Service Locations”.  Tap the “New Service Location” button to add a Service Location or left swipe on an existing cell to edit or delete a Service Location. Hit “Done” after all of your standard Service Locations have been added. Once complete, you’ll be able to add assign a Preferred Service Location to each Client from the Client Profile.

#4. Service Descriptions & Pricing:

You own and operate a SERVICE BUSINESS . . . that means you get PAID to provide some type of service to clients, hopefully on a recurring basis. Whether you clean windows, teach piano, cut hair, walk dogs or give massages, you need to be able to describe and quantify your service so that you can tell a potential client what the'll get and how much it cost. 

Adding your Service Descriptions to A-ListPro simplifies scheduling services and dramatically facilitates billing and payment processing. To add your Service Descriptions, tap the “System Info” cell on the More menu and then tap the fifth cell labeled “Service Descriptions”. Next select the industry you’d like to associate with these Service Descriptions.  As noted, A-ListPro lets you manage multiple businesses serving different industries.  Each can have their own list of Service Descriptions.  Tap the “Add New Service” button at the top of the screen to add a new Service Description (aka, “Service Type”), or left swipe on an existing cell to edit or delete a Service Description.  For each Service Description, be sure to add a concise but clear description, duration, unit of measure (hours or minutes) and a standard, usual & customary price for the described service. 

When you’ve entered all of your standard Service Descriptions, hit the “Back” button.  Now you're ready to start scheduling, completing, billing and GETTING PAID for the services you provide!  In the next tutorial, we'll focus on importing and building your client database.  

As always, if you have any feedback, comments, questions, suggestions, wants, needs or demands, we are here to help.  Click or call - support@alistpro.com or 614-306-2105.   


Jeff Johnston
Founder / CEO