You LOVE your job, but how's your BUSINESS?

A-ListPro was designed to help YOU streamline and automate all of the essential business functions necessary to operate a successful appointment-based, recurring service business.  

Hello Service Business Professional,

Thanks for your interest in A-ListPro.  My name is Jeff Johnston, founder & CEO. For 20 years, I co-owned and operated a very successful software company selling mission-critical business management software to home healthcare providers.  We called it CPR+ and we enjoyed 20 consecutive years of highly profitable, double-digit growth before selling the business in 2013 to a much larger, private equity backed competitor. 

So why should you care?

Truth is, I’m too young to retire and I love building business management software.  So, for the past few years, I’ve taken all of the best features that made CPR+ such a success and built them into an iPhone app designed to streamline every aspect of running a one-person, appointment-based service business. 

I call it A-ListPro. It’s designed for personal trainers, private coaches, academic tutors, music instructors, massage therapists, independent hair stylists, pet care providers, car detailers, charter captains, landscapers, lawn care providers or just about ANY type of business that involves YOU providing some type of appointment-based service to clients on a (hopefully) recurring basis.

Over the years, I have hired and interviewed hundreds of independent service providers. Most are highly skilled service providers but struggle to efficiently manage their business. It’s understandable.  Running any business is a challenge, but when there’s only one of you, and only so many hours in the day . . . It can be tough to find clients, keep them engaged, schedule their service, invoice them, figure out who you need to bill, who owes you money, etc., etc., etc. when your day is totally full actually PROVIDING great service!

Well, you can finally relax.  A-ListPro takes the hassle out of running your appointment-based, recurring service business by efficiently managing the essential functions of marketing, customer service, billing and collections so you can focus on your clients and GROWING YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

The best part – you can kick the tires with a free, fully functional 30-day trial.  If you like it, you can run your entire business for under $1/day. Click the 'Try It FREE' button today.  I promise that A-ListPro will save you time and money and headaches so you can have more fun doing what you love to do.

Thanks again for your interest in A-ListPro!


Jeff Johnston
Founder / CEO