Tutorial #5 - Managing Your Day with the A-ListPro Dashboard

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to manage the day-to-day operation of your service business with the A-ListPro Dashboard.  The dashboard displays every place you need to be and everything you need to do today, so let’s get started!



At the top of the screen (#1), you’ll find Today’s Date and the current Weather conditions. Be sure to give A-ListPro permission to use location services in your device Settings in order to get the current weather and a 4 day location-based forecast.  Also notice the “Magnifying Glass” icon for app-wide search and the “+” sign, used to add data items to the app (Add Clients, Events, Services, Tasks, Notes, Goals, etc.).  

The next section of the Dashboard is labeled with a green “Schedule” tab.  It displays every personal AND business appointment on your calendar for TODAY.  Service appointments are displayed with a “Completion Slider” button to the right of the service details (#2). Personal appointments do not include the completion slider. To review the service detail, simply tap on the Service cell from the Dashboard. 

As you progress through your day, completing your scheduled Client Services, tap the orange slider.  A-ListPro will indicate that you’ve successfully completed the service by displaying a satisfying checkmark and changing the color to blue.  If a client cancels a service, or worse, is a “no-show”, left-swipe on the cell, tap the “More” button and mark the service as Cancelled or No-Show. Note that you can also jump to the “Client Profile”, add a “Note” to the Service, create an “Invoice”, “Process a Payment” or “Delete” the Service.  Cancelled services will display a grey checkmark and can be later rescheduled.  No-Shows will display a red checkmark and can be invoiced.       

In the first row of your daily schedule, A-ListPro provides a cell displaying the total number of “Unscheduled” or “XLD” Services that need to be scheduled or re-scheduled. 

After your Schedule entries are displayed, the app displays the Tasks section. Any unfinished Task (business-related or personal) previously created from either the “Additional Actions” icon (+ sign) or from the “More” menu with a Due Date of today will be displayed.  Tasks also include a green completion slider.  When you complete a task, tap the slider and a blue check mark will momentarily flash and then the task will drop off the dashboard, moving to the Completed segment on the Task menu.

By the end of your (hopefully) busy and profitable day, you’ll be able to see at a glance exactly what you accomplished – which Client Services were completed, which were cancelled and how many services still need to be schedules. Tomorrow, you’ll get a fresh new Dashboard and start the process all over again. Completed services will be viewable from each Client’s Profile (under Service History) and on the Services screen in the “Completed” segment. 

In the next tutorial, we show you how to efficiently turn these Completed Services into CASH – creating invoices, processing payments and using the Square POS integration.  As always, if you have questions, comments, feedback or suggestions, just let us know.  We are here to help.  Click or call - support@alistpro.com or 614-306-2105.


Jeff Johnston
Founder / CEO