Do you struggle to find clients and keep them engaged? What about scheduling, invoicing and GETTING PAID? Head to the App Store and download A-ListPro today!

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A-ListPro helps you mind your business with an easy-to-use Dashboard displaying your scheduled Client Services, other appointments, tasks and even the day's weather. Service appointments are displayed with a handy slider that you can tap when the service is complete.  

Cancelation or no-show? No problem, just swipe left and record it. You can also create an invoice on the fly and email it to your client. At the end of your day, you'll know exactly what you've accomplished and how much revenue you've generated.  



Your clients are your most important asset - A-ListPro lets you start treating them that way!

Quickly and easily import your list of Clients from your iPhone contacts. View your Client List alphabetically, by their preferred Service Location or by an unlimited number of user-defined categories.  

From the Client screen, you can see their complete service history, current balance due, phone #'s, email addresses and more. Key Info displays any additional user-defined data and with one tap, you can quickly add a new service, post a payment, send a text / email, make a call and much more.  



With A-ListPro, you can import and synchronize with your iOS calendar so you'll never lose track of a personal appointment, even as you schedule Client Services. View your entire schedule - personal and professional - in one convenient view, by Day, by Week, by Month or in a List of scheduled events.When Tasks are due, they will also be displayed in the Week and Month view calendars.

You earn your living based on what's on your schedule everyday - take control of it with A-ListPro.



Services are at the heart of A-ListPro. You get paid by providing direct, scheduled services to your Clients and A-ListPro lets you efficiently manage every step in the process. Whether you sell a block of services in advance or schedule them one at a time, with A-ListPro you're able to track every Client Service from Purchased to Scheduled to Completed to Invoiced and Paid.

Batch processes for marking scheduled services complete, generating professionally formatted email invoices and efficiently posting payments save you hours per month. Best of all, A-ListPro stores every piece of service history data for powerful reporting and analytics.



The More menu gives you even more functionality to help you mind your business. Manage client goals, create and monitor Tasks, add Notes and access powerful reporting and data analytics modules.

Easily discover which clients need a nudge to get back on track or have an outstanding balance and quickly send them all a text message reminder. Notify your clients when you have an opening in your schedule and send text reminders of upcoming service appointments. Report your Revenue, A/R and Cash Received by date range and even send the report to an air-printer.

Take the hassle out of running your Personal Training business.

A-ListPro turns your iPhone into a mobile office, letting you focus on serving your clients and GROWING YOUR BOTTOM LINE.


When can I download a copy of A-ListPro from the App Store?

YES! We are pleased to announce that A-ListPro is live and available for download on the App Store.  Try it for free for 30 days with a no-risk, fully functional free trial.  

Will A-ListPro work on my iPad?

It will! Currently, A-ListPro has been designed primiarily for your iPhone, however, because it is an iOS app, it will run fine on your iPad.  Future plans include a dedicated version of A-ListPro for your iPad as well as your Apple laptop or desktop computer.  We will conduct a customer survey to determine which to build first so stay tuned.   

Can I run A-ListPro on my Android device?

Sorry, not at this time.  Right now, A-ListPro is an iOS only app.  If you're an Android user and you're interested in A-ListPro, we'd LOVE to hear from you! Send us your comments and feedback in the Contact Us section below.  Thanks for your interest! 

Do A-ListPro employees have access to ANY of my personal or business data?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  All of YOUR business data is stored exclusively on YOUR device and in YOUR secure iCloud account -- 100%.  

We have absolutely NO ACCESS to your data whatsoever.  A-ListPro runs locally on your device(s) and it synchronizes calendar and contact information through your personal, password-protected iCloud account.  This design architecture gives you the same high level of security that your iTunes account provides for your App, Music, and Movie purchases. 

About Us

Jeff Johnston
Founder / CEO

In 1991, Jeff co-founded a healthcare software company with developer Stuart Crane and after 18 months of development, launched CPR+, a business management solution for home infusion therapy companies.  In a few years, CPR+ became the industry’s most widely used software platform, dominating the market and ultimately serving over 2500 business customers and tens of thousands of end users. After twenty consecutive years of double digit growth, Jeff and Stuart sold the business in 2013.

In early 2014, frustrated by the need to use 5-6 separate apps to manage Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, User Names & Passwords, etc., Jeff began to conceptualize an “all-in-one” life management app he called A-List+. Designed to help users organize and streamline all of their critical data, A-List+ debuted on the App Store in 2016 where it has enjoyed consistent user growth and a passionate audience.

By 2016, Jeff began thinking about to help small independent businesses with an easy-to-use, affordable mobile solution. A-ListPro takes the hassle out of running a small business with a comprehensive client list, the ability to define billable services, scheduling, billing, A/R management, cash posting and robust sales, marketing and financial reports.

Matt Dailey
Product Manager

Matt has over 10 years of experience in the mobile app space and has helped to envision, develop, and bring to market dozens of iOS applications since the initial release of the iOS SDK.  

Jeff and Matt met through a mutual friend and began working together on A-List+ in late 2014. As Product Manager, he is involved in every aspect of A-List+ and A-ListPro, including writing design specs, QA to Customer Support. His skill and experience in mobile app development has been invaluable and A-List+ has seen steady user growth since launch in late 2016.  

By late summer of 2016, with A-List+ in beta and preparing for launch, Jeff and Matt began to work on A-ListPro, a business management solution for small, independent service oriented businesses. After several months defining product specs, work began on A-ListPro, designed to automate the essential requirements of managing clients, defining and scheduling services, billing, A/R management, cash posting, robust analytics and financial reporting.

Matt works closely with developer Matt Jennell and can be neither product would exist today without their hard work and dedication.

Matt Jennell
Lead Developer

Matt graduated from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio with a double major, earning degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. After graduation, he worked for Battelle Memorial Institute as a Research Associate on a classified program funded by the Department of Defense that sought to predict the timing and location of terrorist attacks . . . I'd tell you more but, well, you know the punch line. 

Matt joined A-List Enterprises in early 2016 and his efforts were essential in finalizing development for our first product, A-List+.  A-List+ is a life management and productivity app designed to integrate Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Passwords and Projects and the Weather in one, easy-to-use app.  Launched in December 2016, A-List+ has enjoyed steady user growth and rave reviews on the App Store.  

Matt has been the primary developer for A-ListPro, our business management app for small, service oriented businesses.  Matt is a highly skilled iOS developer with a creative mind and a can-do attitude.  He turned our A-ListPro design spec into a functional app in record time! You can reach out to Matt at

We're Listening

To contact us, drop us a line at 614.306.2105, or fill out the form below.